Display, A-board, light box, literature rack

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Company profile
Fix Pont Trade Kft. has been dealing with Point of Sales products since 1995 and has been the hungarian manufactural representative of  Marketing Displays - located in Cologne - who is the leader display producer in Western Europe.
You can choose from the standard products to the uniquely produced poster frames, A-boards, etc. right from our storage.  You can find our office, showroom and storage in the heart of Budapest. Bigger orders and unique productions handled by the help of our central office in Germany. 
Miért válasszon minket?

Why would you choose us?

Is it often happen to you that you have to find and produce a new POS tool for a product in a short time? Do you need a reliable and flexible expert who you can turn to anytime confidentially? Do you have this kind of relationship with your POS dealer? Would you like to save time on developing the display by getting rid of the coordination of creating and producing it?
Your POS expert is Fix Pont Trade Kft.